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Vogue, 1951


Vogue, 1951


Élisée Reclus (French, 1830-1905) and Louis Bonnier (French, 1856-1946)

Shrine to the Earth for the Exposition Universelle in Paris, 1900

This enormous, scientifically accurate globe would have stood 418 feet tall. A spiraling ramp would have led viewers along a journey from Antarctica to the North Pole. Proposed in 1895, it was never built. Patrick Geddes called it “no mere scientific model in its institute, but the image, the shrine, and temple of the Earth-mother.” 

(Source: kbourgerie)


Microscopic Miniature Monday!  

Few books in the world are smaller than this set: Calendar and Birth Stone: Toppan Micro Trio, from the Toppan Printing Company, 1979-80. This set includes: Birth Stone, Language of Flowers, and The Zodiacal Signs and Their Symbols. 2x2 millimeters, each with a copy 10x larger that is easier to read. From the Charlotte Smith Miniature Book Collection.

Can’t get enough of tiny books?  It was just over a year ago that another Toppan book in our collection made news in The Atlantic after we posted here on Tumblr about trying to identify a micro-miniature Bible, which was revealed to be a Toppon Bible from the 1960s.  But the Toppan company did not stop at 2mm.  Here is a link to read about the 0.75 mm book they made just last year!

Enjoy the beloved books in your life, large or small :)

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